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Map location

The hotel location:

1 Nanjiao hotel
    Company address: shandong jinan ma on shan road no. 2 
    Telephone: 0531-85188888 
    Zip code: 250002 
    Fax: 0531-85188980 
    Company website: www.jnnjhotel.com 
    Other description: jinan hotel is located in the southern suburb of jinan city center, east of beautiful scenery of the above, pines YingXiongShan covered by the west, south reliance majestic mountains of taishan mountain, north of the botanical garden of the beauty of the flower 

Around the scenic spot


Instructions address: one of the four big QuanQun HeiHuQuan for jinan. Long before the jin, HeiHuQuan is known for today. Springs from deep concave caves, through three stone tiger spring water overflowing, waves, acoustic cry cry

Baotu spring - park

Instructions address: baotu spring - the park is located in the district of jinan city center, south reliance above, daming lake in the north, east and quancheng square connection, and the culture of springs, and humanistic landscape gardens

Quancheng square

Instructions address: is the center of the provincial capital jinan quancheng square square, is located in the mountains, springs, river and city arms. Looked around, north and look antique look different, the old west view baotu spring - spewing upon provided, south jams green spanning above sea level, looking eastward liberation pavilion elegant is picturesque, is the resort of dancing around citizens have a rest

Mount Qianfo

Instructions address: above sea park, located in the southern city, named after the deep above, covers an area of 166.1 hectares, elevation 285 meters, is one of the three big scenic spots in jinan

Daming lake park

Instructions address: jinan daming lake is one of the three major scenic spots, is a busy city in a rare natural lakes, and springs important scenic spots and open the window

Quancheng park

Instructions address: quancheng park is located in the middle of jinan city, the west side of above, through ten road, south of botanical garden is a landscape, the geographical position is superior, the beautiful natural environment