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  The hotel is located in the southern suburbs of Jinan, Jinan Central , east of the scenic Thousand Buddha Mountain , West adjoin hero pines covered mountains , winding mountains of South Hill Taishan Mountain , north of blooms Hang botanical garden. The hotel covers an area of 1160 mu, building area of 115,800 square meters , Shandong Province is an important place for the reception Ambassador , known as " Shandong Diaoyutai ," said another member of the National Tourism Association , "provincial advanced collective top ten professional ethics ", " provincial spiritual civilization advanced units . "
Museum facilities, financial holiday break , gourmet banquet , conference talks, entertainment and fitness as a whole. The main building has a " workers" -shaped reception building , consisting of clubs and seven -story villa-style buildings . Luxurious , 548 standard rooms (sets ) , 1016 beds , conferences , meetings , interview , negotiate halls and rooms of more than 40 sets , 38 different styles of classical culture and contemporary restaurant set in one of the luxurious amenities , ready to provide Chinese and Western dishes , Qilu dishes. There museum auditorium , tennis courts, indoor pool, ballroom , bowling , gym , billiards room, a comprehensive shopping mall, business center , bar and advanced and efficient communications equipment.
Museum garden unique , four green and pleasant climate , beautiful. Rare flowers peonies , roses, black pine , ginkgo 40,000 lines , dotted among the buildings, street . 50 acres of water surface of the artificial lake , 6 acres of water in the river like a jade -like jade mosaic , pavilions , waterfalls, bridges , beautiful than Lake , fascinating. Decorative building a new president for the first seven -story buildings , the Chinese and Western luxury furniture , six -language simultaneous interpretation of the international conference hall and a multi-purpose hall seasons more elegant, magnificent.